Sadie Marie Duchess of Chewed

We contacted Sykview after hearing about our neighbors mini golden doodle’s adoption and seeing close up (two doors down) how well their puppy had matured and integrated with their family. I spoke with Joann on the phone and we went to their farm that evening to meet Sadie. This was at week seven so we were able to see the entire litter interacting. We were greatly impressed with the wellbeing of the Mom and her puppies and enjoyed our time with them. Joann and Jonathan Miller are as warm and inviting as you could imagine. Being impressed with them, the general appearance of their farm, buildings and home, added to our confidence that the Miller family cared and put much effort into whatever they do.
Our puppy is a joy in every way…except the puppy nipping that is. On her first visit to our veterinarian (which was two days after bring Sadie home) he remarked “this is one of the healthiest puppies I have seen”…direct quote. Sadie became totally house-broken at ten weeks although sometimes she wants out just to play but it is summer in Ohio so cannot blame her there. At twelve weeks she had her first obedience class. The trainer was not familiar with the golden doodle mix since his focus is on pure breeds but he said that he was impressed with Sadie and how quick she was to catch on. He remarked “she is going to be a great dog”. I could go on and on (I guess that I have already!) but for our family this looks like Sadie (Hebrew short for Princess) is a blessing.
Thank you Joann and Jonathan!

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