In June, our family brought Ruby (born Sasha) home to complete our family! She has been a pure delight in every way: healthy, happy, so sweet and affectionate. We were reluctant to purchase a puppy online, but our experience couldn’t have been any better. We were interested in a small, female Golden Retriever and had many questions regarding the puppy’s size, color and personality. Before meeting, we were able to converse several times over the phone and were even sent videos of the puppy interacting with her mom (Daisy) and siblings. Upon arrival, we found the kennel to be clean and organized. All paperwork, medical records and starter food were provided. We were even given one of Ruby’s baby toys to take home! Ruby is now nearing her first birthday and is weighing in at 40 lbs- perfect size and gorgeous red color. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience and for our little love, Ruby!

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