Drizzy AKA Winston

On Thursday may 27th, my wife and I received our first furr baby Drizzy 🐾 (AKA Winston). I searched and contacted many different breeders but none felt right, there was always a feeling of insecurity so I didn’t proceed with the process. After hours and days of constantly searching for a Mini GoldenDoodle online and on social media, I came across Drizzy (AKA Winston). Drizzy was the perfect puppy we were in search for. Cute, adorable, and dark red apricot coat we were searching for. I immediately contacted Skyview Puppies and spoke to Joann. She was very helpful and answered every questions my wife and I had. She went out of her way to send us extra pictures and videos via text and email. I expressed to Joann how skeptical my wife and I were to purchase a puppy online without seeing him, especially being thousands of miles away from Ohio where Drizzy(aka Winston) was located. Joann walked me through the entire process and scheduled Drizzy’s ground transportation to So,Ca where my wife and I live. Drizzy how now arrived and has adapted well to his new home. Drizzy is adorable, loving, playful, and a furr baby full of love and energy. Thank you Joann and everyone at SkyView Puppies for all the help and for helping us find Drizzy. We promise to take good care of Drizzy (Winston). For anyone that’s in search of a puppy, I recommend you to speak to Joann over at SkyView Puppies. Without a doubt, they will take care of you.

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