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Our Story At Skyview Puppies

Our family’s love for dog’s started a couple years ago when we welcomed our first golden retriever after purchasing a 10 acre property in Holmes County and raising a litter of puppies. Our dog family has since grown to include corgis, mini goldendoodles and more golden retrievers. Our dogs enjoy running, playing and basically living life with us. We love our dogs and are passionate about finding loving homes for our puppies! We feel it is important to give our puppies a healthy start with proper nutrition, vaccines and deworming along with lots of love and socializing. We welcome questions and visits as well to have that guaranteed trust with our customer base.

Meet Our Puppy Mothers

Daisy AKC Golden Retriever

Our sweet girl with a very fun temperament that is just beaming with joy!

Piper Golden Retriever

Our adventurous Princess!

Phoebe Mini Goldendoodle

Our shy little Princess

Allie AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Is always eager to keep up with everyone!!

Margie Mini Goldendoodle

Our sweet lady who’s a friend to all!

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Sugarcreek, Ohio