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Our Mission At Skyview Puppies

Our mission at Skyview Puppies is to have our dogs and puppies in a happy and healthy environment and to make our adoption process be a great one for our customers!

Our Three Step Adoption Process

Pick Your Puppy

Find the furry companion that you have always wanted

Reserve Your Puppy

Contact us with any questions that you have and once all questions are answered place your deposit on the pup you want.

Take Your Puppy Home

Contact us to arrange deliver options through ground or flight at or give us a call at (330)852-2345

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Available Puppies

Our Breeds

Mini Goldendoodles

Mini Goldendoodles are a cross between a miniature or toy poodle and a golden retriever. They have a friendly, earnest and affectionate nature. With that nature they would make great family pets. They thrive as service and therapy dogs and can weight anywhere from 18 to 35 pounds.  

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are great at retrieving game for hunter, sniffing out contraband for law enforcement along with making great therapy and service dogs. They have a friendly and tolerant attitude and would get along with every in the family. The males weight 65 to 75 pounds where the females weight 55 to 65 pounds. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Pembroke Welsh Corgis were originally bred to herd cattle, sheep and horses. They are a small breed and can be very vocal for no reason. They have a lot of energy along with being friendly with everyone and would make a great family pet. They weight no more than 30 pounds.

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